The Court declares that Emersan “violates the right to physical integrity” of its staff

The sentence, as reported by CGT, condemns the company to be responsible for the washing and disinfection of work clothes and EPIS

The Salamanca Court “again agrees with CGT and declares that Emersan violates the right to physical integrity of its workers, as reported by the union.

At first, CGT explains, in a car in April he estimated the precautionary measures. Now, in a judgment, the Court «ruling that the right to physical integrity of movement personnel from the province of Salamanca who have been in contact with patients suffering from covid-19 for not fulfilling the obligation to washing and disinfecting work clothes “.

As the sentence dictates in its ruling, the union reports, “condemns the Emersan company to cease such violation and be responsible for the washing, decontamination and, if necessary, destruction of work clothes and protective equipment staff of your movement staff from Salamanca who carry out the transfer of patients with covid-19, without in any case being the workers who must take the clothes to their home for this purpose, and must set up a collection and return system in the work center (bases in which the service is provided), of the work clothes of the staff ».

The ruling partially recognizes CGT’s claims, so this union “will continue to claim all those issues that it considers unfair for the proper development of the service”, and affirms that “if the company decides to appeal said ruling, showing how little it Its workers are interested, CGT is willing to reach the necessary instances and that it considers appropriate so that the health and safety of the workers is safeguarded ”.

In addition, the CGT union ask the Board to “take note of the practices of the companies to which they award essential services such as medical transport” and requires “the surveillance of these concessionaires so that they do not continue to be sources of virus contagion of the covid19 ».