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निजामती सेवा समय सापेक्ष परिवर्तन हुन अावश्यक छ | Integrity Idol Winner Poudel
AP1 TV December 27, 2017

This video was originally uploaded to YouTube by AP1 HD Telivision.

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निष्ठा र इमान्दार सरकारी कर्मचारीको खोज Integrity Idol Nepal बारे छलफल
NTV Nepal December 27, 2017

This video was originally uploaded to YouTube by SodecNepal.

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Celebrating Liberia’s Most Honest Government Officials
Famatta David and Jessica Holzer December 10, 2017

Like warding off infection in a patient, Rebecca Scotland wants to sanitize the process of becoming a nurse. As an instructor at Liberia’s national medical institute, Scotland decided she needed to sterilize the application process before it really began. So she started a class to help prepare prospective students for the entrance exam, wiping away […]

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A hunt for Nepal’s most honest government official
My Republica December 6, 2017

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: With an objective to ‘identify and honor Nepal’s most honest government official’, five high performing civil servants have been shortlisted for the Integrity Idol 2017 award. The 4th edition of the national campaign organized by Accountability Lab saw nominations from over a thousand government officials from across the country. From the list, five […]

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Celebrating honest public servants in Nepal
Accountability Lab December 3, 2017

Season 4 Accountability Lab Nepal has recently revealed the top 5 finalists in “Integrity Idol”, its hit TV show, now in its fourth year (read the finalists’ bios below). The show is about honest government officials in Nepal; episodes about the finalists are broadcast to the public who then vote for their favorites.  This season, […]

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सिक्दै सिकाउँदै
सविता श्रेष्ठ September 26, 2017

‘इन्टिग्रिटी फेलोशिप’ मार्फत देशका विभिन्न सरकारी कार्यालयका क्रियाकलाप नियालेका युवामा राज्यप्रतिको गुनासो भन्दा आशा देखिएको छ। सरकारी कार्यालय सम्झिने वित्तिकै अधिकांशको दिमागमा धमिलो तस्वीर बन्छ। जहाँ कामकाज हुँदैन, ढिलासुस्ती हुन्छ, अनियमितता हुन्छ, नियमले काम हुँदैन, मनोमानी चल्छ। अझ ढिला आउने र चाँडै फर्किने कर्मचारीको हुलहुज्जत सम्झिइन्छ। तर धनकुटादेखि बर्दियासम्मका सरकारी कार्यालय र कार्यालय प्रमुखसँग १५/१५ […]

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My fellowship experience
Shristi Joshi September 18, 2017

There is a very popular saying in Nepali “Sarkari kaam kaile jala gham” expressing disgust in general over how long it takes to get things done at government offices in Nepal. Based on my own experience, I cannot deny the inefficiency in government offices in Nepal. So, who represents government? The people working at government […]

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Nigerian youths launch campaign against corruption
Grace Okoegbele September 14, 2017

A group of young Nigerians today launched an initiative aimed at building accountability and integrity across the country. The project known as Integrity Idol is an attempt to find the country’s most honest government official and a new strategy to complement the administration’s anti corruption drive. Accountability Lab Nigeria, the group responsible for the project […]

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Me and Integrity Fellowship 2017
Rajan Basyal September 12, 2017

I first knew about this integrity fellowship program post through twitter news feed, encouraging the applicants to come and work alongside some of the best people in government service and learn from them about their operational strategies, their perception on accountability and the way they convey their accountability inside their departments. I found it as […]

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My Experience as an Integrity Fellow 2017
Rujina Maharjan September 11, 2017

Malangwa, Sarlahi is 241 km away from Kathmandu and near to an Indian Border in the south holding great possibilities for development. In the beginning of July 2017, I received a great opportunity to explore the culture, people, topography, programs, community developmental works and basic work module of District Administration Office in this Malangwa Plains. […]

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The Idol I shadowed
Kalpana Dangol September 11, 2017

With years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, Ram Narayan Shah is currently working as a resource person in government schools of Gokarneshwor Municipality in Kathmandu. He was nominated as one of the Top 5 nominees for Integrity Idol Nepal 2015. A firm believer in the power of education, Ram Narayan goes beyond the […]

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The Idol of Integrity
Kusum KC September 8, 2017

  “….after my Integrity fellowship journey, my perception towards the government services are totally changed…” After being selected in an Integrity Fellowship 2017, I was appointed to Mrs. Tara Subedi, health post in-charge of Maunabudhuk, Dhankuta. Her positive attitudes to deal with patients, her soft but powerful voice and her work of counselling to the […]

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I found a Hero
Radip Tandukar September 8, 2017

The Integrity Fellowship 2017 took me to a district of surprises, Diktel of Khotang. I never imagined that in this age a district just 325 kms away from Kathmandu; neighboring prosperous districts would still be devoid of a concrete road access. I never thought that after crossing the mighty Sunkoshi over a suspension bridge, I […]

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Nepal wants to “name and fame” officials
Nurfilzah Rohaidi September 7, 2017

Narayan Adhikari from Accountability Lab shares how the Integrity Idol initiative is helping to cut corruption in Nepal. There is a reality TV show that could help cut corruption – and instead of starry-eyed singers, it is bringing into the spotlight “honest and incredible public servants”. Integrity Idol is “naming and faming” officials and bureaucrats […]

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Charlotte Renfield-Miller February 27, 2017

By: Charlotte Renfield-Miller. This blog post was originally published by IREX. Since the coup in 2012, Mali has been plagued by corruption, which has hindered the government’s ability to combat terrorism. Mandela Washington Fellow Kondo Moussa is having none of it—and he’s fighting back against corruption by turning honest leaders into rock stars with Integrity Idol. Mali established a constitutional government in […]

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Fayyaz Yaseen, Country Representative, Accountability Lab Pakistan February 27, 2017

In January 2017, the Accountability Lab brought together the winners of Integrity Idol Pakistan 2016, experts in anti-corruption and governance (including Brig Mussadiq Abbasi, former Director General of the National Accountability Bureau, Pakistan), Executive Director of the Accountability Lab, Blair Glencorse, and around 25 other representatives from civil society organizations. Unpacking Integrity The group discussed […]

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Integrity Idol puts public honesty number one
Ben Quinn January 28, 2017

International television show Integrity Idol aims to do for upstanding officials what primetime talent contests have achieved for aspiring pop stars  School prinicipal Dor Bikram Shrees, right, is winner of the Integrity Idol Nepal 2016 award. Photograph: Integrity Idol Nepal There is no glitter, diva-like tantrums or brilliantly lit stages, but the emotions on show […]

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Fighting Corruption: “Naming and Faming”: Liberia’s Most Honest Gov’t Officials
Lawrence Yealue January 24, 2017

Monrovia – National TV and Radio Campaign by Accountability Lab this week seeks to celebrate “Integrity Idols”. Corruption and a lack of accountability remain critical challenges to Liberia’s development- the most recent Transparency International poll scored Liberia at just 83rd out of 168 countries. Traditional approaches to tackling corruption have tended to involve the creation of […]

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Suresh Chand January 24, 2017

Background  In January 2017, the Accountability Lab brought together the three winners of the Integrity Idol Nepalcompetition since 2014 (Gyan Mani Nepal, Pradip Raj Kanel and Dor Bikram Shrees), along with other Integrity Idol finalists (including Bindu Kunwar, Tara Subedi, Bhishma Kumar Bhusal, Krishna Prasad Danchha, Bhuwan Kumari Rai, and Ram Narayan Shah), experts in anti-corruption and governance (including Suryanath Upadhyay the former head of […]

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X-Factor style accountability contest boosts integrity among government officials
Sophie Edwards January 16, 2017

Integrity Idol Nepal 2016 winner Dor Bikram Shrees accepts his winner’s trophy from Surya Nath Updhyay, former head of the anti-corruption agency in Nepal. Photo by: Ranjit Shrestha An X-Factor style contest which “names and fames” public officials who go above and beyond when it comes to serving their constituents, is offering a new way […]

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Gulmi principal named Integrity Idol winner
Myrepublica January 9, 2017

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: Dor Bikram Shrees, the principal of Siddhababa Higher Secondary School, has been named Nepal’s Integrity Idol Winner of 2016. Chosen for the award from among nearly 850 nominees, Shrees’ initiative for affordable education has earned him the respect of students, guardians, staff and teachers in the district. “I feel very proud to […]

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Narayan Adhikari December 28, 2016

  Three years ago, Accountability Lab Nepal developed a TV show through which honest government officials were filmed, with citizens watching the episodes and voting for their favorites. It was a surprise hit, taking the country by storm- with tens of thousands of votes being cast for the finalists. This season’s grand finale is yet […]

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Promoting good government, fighting corruption
Marc Gunther December 21, 2016

In the US, Integrity Idol might not qualify as must-see TV. The TV-and-radio show showcases five government officials, nominated by their fellow citizens, who are known for their honesty. People vote for their favorite civil servant via text messages or online, and the winner is crowned in a ceremony in the national capital. In Nepal, though, Integrity […]

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What one needs to know
Nagarjun Shrestha July 27, 2016

The idea and concept that inspired Integrity Idol is innovative in that no other program exists combining both elements of media and civic engagement to address issues of corruption within the government. Although Nepal’s own government has previously hosted a Best Civil Servant of the Year award but it was cancelled in 2014 because it […]

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Bring the change with the ‘Change’
Nagarjun Shrestha July 14, 2016

Nepal has been facing challenges related to lack of transparency, accountability and integrity of their leaders, political parties and civil servants. Citizens across the country are excluded from political processes and have never known a government that puts their interests ahead of those in power. People witness decision-making that is based on power, corruption, status, […]

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On a quest for the next Integrity Idol Nepal
Ashmita Sharma July 8, 2016

“Trying something new to bring change in bureaucracy was what I found most interesting from today’s program. This is something that I never imagined someone would do,” said one of the participants on the Integrity Idol event in Biratnagar, Nepal. The event was highly focused towards youth to influence them to debate on how providing […]

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